Voter Integrity

Voter integrity is imperative to a fair and true election to the people of this State. It is my observation that several factors should be strongly addressed and considered in New Hampshire in order to protect voter integrity.

1) New Hampshire should eliminate electronic ballot machines. In 1979, the General Court adopted NH RSA 656:40 to allow local towns to use electronic voting machines on a trial basis; however, they had no Constitutional authority to do so. This is a direct violation of Part II, art. 32 and art. 100 of the New Hampshire State Constitution.

2) Our voter ID laws should be addressed. Only State Citizens are allowed to vote by definition of the State Constitution and have guaranteed protection of rights under the Constitution of New Hampshire.

3) Mail-in voting should not be allowed. We already have an absentee ballot in New Hampshire. Fraud can be too easily perpetrated with mail-in ballots or they could get lost.

If you elect me as your New Hampshire State Representative, I promise to put my efforts toward protecting your Constitutional Rights and Voter Integrity in the state.

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